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Idleman uses the story of the prodigal son as the background for a book about what happens when we come to the understanding that we need forgiveness, that we are a mess and our only hope is in Christ.

A couple of years ago I read the Prodigal God by Keller and I found myself unintentionally going back to Keller’s book as I read AHA. It isn’t an indictment on Idleman’s book but Keller’s book was the first I had read on the biblical account of the Prodigal son. While I enjoyed both books, I enjoyed how personable and all the illustrative stories from Kyle’s life that he shared with us. Also being a Generation X’er myself I found his life experience hit very close to home. Idleman book spans three big moments in the life of the prodigal. Awakening, Honesty and Action. AHA.
Awakening – This is the point in your story where you realize that you need help. You recognize that what you are doing and the life you are living isn’t what you hoped or dreamed that it would be. You, as the prodigal son did, come to yourself.


Honesty – You become acutely and accurately aware that you have sinned and nothing you can do will change that, you need Jesus Christ to remove your sin, so you repent. I was wrong! I sinned! You have a conversation with yourself in which you look at your options and realize that you need help.


Action – You don’t try to fix your self but rather you throw yourself at the feet of a father who is running toward you even though he doesn’t need to.


AHA was very easy to read as Idleman provided many stories and illustrations that made what he was saying very accessible to anyone.


While I found Kyle’s stories quickened the pace of my reading I don’t think there was enough in the book that slowed me down and made me think deeply about what he was saying. I like books that challenge me to think and AHA had elements of that in it, I was however hoping that it would go somewhat deeper into the context of the biblical narrative, It didn’t do that. I would however recommend this book to people who are not avid readers as the stories he told make the points more well received and they quicken the pace in which the book can be read.


Lastly I would like to say that having listened to Kyle on a few different occasions I very much enjoy his speaking style and have always come away challenged and encouraged.


I would give this book 3 stars out of 5 and would recommend it to others. To order the book click on this link
*I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher for an honest unbiased review of the book.

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