A new Bible app for your kids


If you have a iPhone or Android and you consider yourself a Christian more than likely you have the YouVersion Bible app on your device. For me it’s the primary way I now read my bible. The people over at Lifechurch.tv do a fantastic job updating it and making it more functional than ever.

As a parent there are few things I want more for my kids than for them to love the bible. Biblical literacy is a huge issue facing the next generation of Christians. I think there are many reasons for this one reason I blogged about was how we don’t stay one bible ahead of our kids.  One of the newest tools to help your kids love their bibles and understand the grand narrative of scripture is “The Bible App for Kids.”  This app was developed in a partnership between YouVersion and OneHope. As parents and ministry leaders we are blessed to have so many great resources available to us. This app is fantastic it is engaging for kids of all ages and it not only allows them to read but does a fantastic job of using visuals to even engage kids who are not the best readers yet or for adults for whom English is their second language. I am also very excited for the possibilities it will offer our special needs ministry. Since it’s release they have reached 2 million downloads 44 days after launch…and still counting! Unbelievable. It was well done.

If you haven’t downloaded it for your kids you really need to.

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