My Favorite blogs posts by others in 2013

I read a lot of blog posts in the course of a year when one stands out to me I ship it over to Pocket. Of all the posts I sent to pocket this year here are the 10 that stood out to me most. Hope you enjoy them as I have.

  1. Asking Good Questions by Jonathan Cliff
  2. Effective Easter Follow Up by Dale Hudson
  3. Celebrate Advent with your littles using the Jesus Storybook Bible
  4. 8 Habits Of A Highly Effective Campus Pastor
  5. Worst One Ever by Seth Godin
  6. Diabolical Ventriloquism: A 1-Sentence Summary of Each of Screwtape’s Letters
  7. How To Lead When You Aren’t In Charge
  8. Swagger by Seth Godin
  9. 7 Lessons From My Year Long Spending Fast
  10. How To Remember People’s Names

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