Free Bible Lesson Hosea: Can God TRUST You?


– Book of God’s Faithfulness

Key Point – Can God TRUST You?
Memory Verse – 1 Timothy 1:12 “I thank Jesus our Lord. He has given me strength for my work because He knew that He could trust me.”

Skit – God is faithful even when we are not – mom gets mad at her son for forgetting his chores – mom explains that God is faithful all the time – boy feels like a failure mom explains that the Bible tells that He is faithful even when we are not. The mom explains to the boy what faithfulness means – that faithfulness is doing what is right all the time no matter what anyone says or thinks.

Skit – Job application for paper route – One kid is a slob another one is faithful the job goes to the faithful kid. Explain that when we are faithful God will bless us. The two kids fill out a job application and turn it into the guy hiring one kid has a sloppy exterior the other one is neat.

Object lesson – What does God look for? Money, looks, popularity, no he looks for faithfulness. Have some fake money, a mirror, and a your #1 sign ask which one does God notice more? Allow time for response. Tell the kids God looks not for the richest, most popular or best looking he looks for people who are faithful. That will do the right thing every time no matter what.

Object lesson – What would you rather have $20 or $1 dollar a day for a week but double it each day. Explain that most people would want the $20 because it sounds like more money but the dollar a day is more because it doubles each day. Faithfulness is doing what is right no matter what. If you keep doing the right thing long enough you will be blessed. If you would keep doubling the $1 you will have $64 dollars at the end of the week that is what happens when we are faithful.

Puppet – Puppet is upset because he doesn’t think that God can trust him that he is a bad worker and he talks about other a lot. The MC explains that we need to work to change to make our lives count for Christ we want Him to be able to trust us.


What is faithfulness?
Is God faithful all the time?
What will God do if we are faithful and continue to be faithful?
Are you faithful?
What does doing the “right thing” mean?
What is God looking for?
What is trust?
Can God trust you?
What can we do this week to show our faithfulness to/for God? To our mom and dad? To Pastor Sam?
10. Should We look for something wonderful to happen every time
we are faithful or do the right thing?
Does God continue to love us even if we don’t do the right thing?



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