Free Bible Lesson Daniel: Book of Faith



– Book of Faith
Key Point – Believe God even when you are scared
Memory Verse – Heb 2:13 “I will trust God”

Skit – Boy afraid of the dark – how God is our light and salvation who shall I fear. – The Bible tells us that God is our light and our salvation who should we be afraid of. – A boy is sitting in his room his parents tuck him into bed his parents pray with him then leave, the boy is fine for a few minutes then he begins to think out loud that someone is coming to get him. The boy starts screaming for his parents, they come rushing in and calm him down to find out that nothing is the matter. The parents leave and the same thing happens, the parents come back, calm the boy down, pray leave, and so on this happens all over again finally the parents come back and explain that the Bible tells us that God is our light and our salvation who should we be afraid of. The Bible also tells us that greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. The parents have the boy repeat these Bible verses including Psalm 23 “I will fear no evil because you are with me.” The skit ends by the boy looking to heaven and saying to God, “I Believe in You even when I am scared.”

Skit – Weird fears – talk show with people afraid of weird things. Have a crazy guy dressed up like a talk show host come out and announce to everyone that the topic of today’s talk show is weird fears. Have guests come out and be seated, one be afraid of her own skin, One person be afraid of pocket lint, another person be afraid of the letter P. Have the host interview each one, asking how they came to the place where they are afraid of these crazy things. The guests come up with weird reasons why they are afraid of the things they are afraid of. The guest say that they have tried everything to overcome their fears but nothing has ever worked. The Host asks if they have ever tried God. This upsets all the guests the one who is afraid of her own skin has her glove fall off and she starts yelling, putts her hand in her pocket so she doesn’t see skin and pulls out some pocket lint, which sends the other guest into orbit, they all freak out and leave the host wraps up by saying What we take from all of this is that we need to “believe God even when you are scared.”

Object Lesson – Find money in something gross. What do you think is in the fish? Tell them there is money in the fish. You don’t want to do it because it is scary? Most of you would not want to reach into the fish if I just told you that there money in there. I wouldn’t even want to. We need to always obey God even when we are scared.
Matthew 17:24-27 Peter was not fearful of putting his hand in a fishes mouth and because he trusted Jesus and was not afraid. When we put our trust in Jesus we don’t ever need to be afraid.

Object Lesson – Perfect love casts out all fear – Have someone fishing – The MC will walk up to this person fishing and ask him what he is doing. The fisherman explains that he was reading in the Bible how it tells us to cast our cares/our fears on him because he cares for us. The fisherman casts behind the puppet-pulls out a piece of paper with the word fear on it. The MC explains that the fisherman sort of has the right idea, the Bible tells us that perfect love casts out all fear, that perfect love comes for God. We need to trust God not just a fishing pole to take our fears away. We need to believe God even when we are scared.

Puppet – scared of my shadow – How can God help me when I am afraid of so many things, I can’t see God but I can see my shadow? The MC explains that when we trust God and not ourselves fear goes away. Even though we can’t see God it says in the Bible that He brings a peace that you can’t understand, He is the Prince of Peace. When you are going through a scary time and should be afraid normally but aren’t that is God in the middle of your situation. We can’t see God but we can feel him. God is more real than any shadow. You need to believe God even when you are scared, because God is bigger than the boogieman.

Small Group Questions –

Have you ever been afraid of anything?
What did you do when you were afraid?
Who can you tell when you are afraid?
What should we do when we are afraid?
Does God know when you are afraid?
Does he care that you are scared?
Was Jesus ever afraid?
What did Jesus do when he was afraid?
If God loves me why do I feel afraid sometimes?
How can I help others not feel afraid?
What can I do this week to overcome my fears?

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