The three things that determine how far your team will go.

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One of the things that we are addicted to in our culture is speed. Once we taste LTE speeds on our phones 4G no longer seems speedy. Faster is always  better.

1.  speed of trust –

The first thing every team must have is trust. There are few things that slow down efficiency and create redundancy like a lack of trust. If you team spends the lion share of it’s time covering their own tracks and not watching each others backs you will move slow and ineffectively.

2. speed of decisions – 

You can make faster better decisions when you create a decisive culture and not a bureaucracy of decision making. The more you can allow your team to make poor decisions you enable them to make good ones.

3. speed of focus – 

The more you trust each other and the faster you make decisions what results is more opportunity greater capacity. How fast you focus determines how far you go as a team. If you miss focus you erode trust once trust is eroded your decisions grind to a crawl.

If SPEED determines distance LOVE determines the depth.

At the end of the day the thing that means the most is love. You have to love what you do you have to love the team you are a part of and the team you lead. What helps you do that? Speed. Nope. Sacrifice. The faster you die to yourself the faster your teams will trust, the quicker your decisions will come because of the crispness you focus becomes.

Trust, decisiveness and focus are by products of love. When you understand how much you are loved by Christ you are free to love others with a crisp clarity selfishness lacks.


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