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I have always found Easter Eggs in video games and movies fun. I stumbled upon an easter egg that had to have been put there by Jim Wideman. Searching google for the answer will do two things 1. You will be trusted by Jim Wideman – He trusts no one who hasn’t Googled at least once today 2. You will find out the answer to a question Jim asks often. “What is the loneliest number?”

The Jim Wideman Google Easter Egg – Google “What’s the loneliest number”

Here are a few others I thought were fun.

Tilt – Type in the world tilt in your google browser and see what happens.

Firefox logo in a wheat field. Type 45° 7’25.87″N 123° 6’48.97″W  in your google browser then switch to satellite view.

Find any actor or actress bacon number – 

Six Degrees Of Bacon is a popular game where people try to guess how actors are connected to Kevin Bacon through movies they’ve been in. Now Google is making it easy with a new “bacon number” search.

To get the “bacon number” of any actor, simply start your search with “bacon number” followed by the actor’s name. For example, “bacon number Jim Carrey”

No Chuck Norris? – Is it possible?

Google “zerg rush” to play a video game with your search results.

Gravity – Google “Gravity” and click on the first link.

Here’s one for Kenny Conley – Walking directions in google maps from “The Shire to Mordor”

Google space. The Google meets Angry Birds.

Google sphere. Pretty straight forward.

Epic Google. Think Google is getting to big for its own good? You may enjoy this one.


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