When should I talk to my kid about sex?


If you are like most parents of a child over the age of 4 you have asked this question, “When should I talk to my kid about sex?” If you have gone searching for anything that will help your kids understand how God really feels about sex, good luck. You will either find something that kids should never read or on the other end of the spectrum talking about how God hates sex.

Love what my friend Chris Sprad has done. He has compiled a free resource for parents and leaders that give you advice, insight, and how to’s. He said a few things that have really helped me a lot. He says are you ready for this….He say “you should never have “The Talk” what you should have instead is an ongoing conversation. He also says that you should pick a place where either of you can request to go, so that you can talk about sex with each other.

Love Sprad‘s gut level honesty his take on parenting and leading your family is fresh and a welcomed change from what you have typically come to expect from Parenting resources.

So without any further adue –

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