The difference between leading kids and leading adults in worship.


Most people would say leading worship for kids is totally different than leading for adults. I disagree. I have heard and seen people who lead for adults that are unable to lead for kids? Is adult worship leading really that different from kid worship leading? No.

The biggest difference you will find as you move from kids, to youth, lastly to adults is that you can get away with a lot more the older the crowd. The stuff you get away with when leading for adults won’t cut it for youth ministry, and what you can do for youth ministry doesn’t work in kids ministry.

Here are a few things every worship leader can do to be successful no matter what the age of the kids you are leading.

1. Open your eyes – You are leading you can’t lead what you can’t see. Closing your eyes to much breaks the connection you need with those you are leading.
2. If you have the mic LEAD – Nothing worse than tentative leadership. Lead strong.
3. IF you talk at all make sure its about the greatness of Jesus not trying to get those you are leading to do what you want.
4. Have LOTS of energy. – If you feel stupid you are probably doing something right.
5. Smile – no one wants an emo worship leader
6. Know the words
7. Practice during the week not before church.
8. Remember worship is about Jesus not you. – You want people to leave thinking about the greatness of Jesus not the quality of your voice or the skill of the band.
9. You can’t lead people to where you have never been. – Be a worshiper yourself.


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  • Wonderful post. Particularly your final point, “You can’t lead people to where you have never been.” This is true on so many levels. However, even if you have never lead worship- either because of talent or gifting- it is important to point capable leaders to examples of worship. Painting a clear vision for your worship team can greatly influence your team. But, even if you personally lack talent to lead worship, we all have the drive to worship God and modeling that to the kids- and others- is vital. Lastly, we need to be creative in showing kids/adults that worship goes beyond singing…however, that’s a whole other post. Thanks for the read!

  • Keep your eyes open— I have never thought about this point!!! I often lead the kids and close my eyes on the slower worship songs. My thought behind it was that I wanted to lead by example and show them how to focus on God… but I see your point, I am often disconnected when I do that!

    Thanks!! I will try opening up this Sunday!!

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