Why you should attend Group’s Kidmin Conference!


Last year was the first year group did their own ministry conference. I attended and did a couple of breakouts. I had a blast got to meet a lot of new people and reconnected with some old friends. Chris and her team did a great job putting together a conference that is definitely worth attending.

Here is why I think you should attend.

1. It is one of the most intentionally relational conferences I have attended. They offer multiple places and multiple ways for people to network and connect with one another.

2. If you use Group stuff you will get more out of the conference because they base it around their R.E.A.L. philosophy (Relational, Experiential, Applicable, and Learner-Based) They ask each of the break out speakers to make sure the format of their break out follows these four points. I think this is great. If you don’t use Group stuff you will still get a lot out of this but you just wont understand the why behind what you are hearing.

3. It refreshing to have a conference not located in the Bible Belt. No offense to you Southerners but when I have to take three connecting flights to get to the conference because I live in the north it gets old. It’s also driving distance from much of Middle and Eastern US.

4. If you use groups VBS or curriculum stuff it is a great opportunity to speak to the people who created it. Learn how they think ask questions to be more effective at using groups curriculum.

It’s a great conference. I hope to see you there.

They are only a few hundred seats left so make sure that you register asap! REGISTER NOW

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