Wrapping up CPC Orlando 2012

This was my first year attending CPC and it was phenomenal. Here are some of the standouts for me.

1. The people – Met so many great people that have been coming for years and so many new people it was a great mix of old and new blood. It was great hearing where people were from and what God was doing in their churches. My favorite part of every conference is talking to people and learning from them. Loved that there were lots of times and places to chat.

2. Kyle Idleman was fantastic. His powerful message about our kids and the power of the gospel was right on. It hit on so many of the things that stir my spirit as well.  @kyleidleman

3. The Awards – Loved that INCM gave awards to Jim Wideman and Dale Hudson both have done tons to further the gospel and champion children’s ministry. So appreciate both of them and their ministries.

4. The East cost team rocking the west cost team in Volleyball sorry Justyn Smith. Maybe we can have a rematch in San Diego.

5. Worship with Go Fish. The Go Fish guys did an amazing job leaving behind their hockey jerseys for a couple of very passionate, heart felt worship sessions.

6. Meeting so many people I have dying to meet like Ryan Frank, and some people I didn’t expect to meet like Adam Stadtmiller

7. Loved that CPC took place at Disney. After going once I think every kidmin conference should be at Disney. I got like 5 ideas I could use for our church and that was from the airport and bus ride to the resort alone.

8. Spending time with my Beautiful wife. My wife rarely gets to come to conferences it was great getting her perspectives on my talks and having her meet my kidmin friends.

I loved the spirt of CPC the INCM staff did an amazing job of pulling off an amazing conference. I so appreciate Michael Chanley’s passion for change and innovation I can not wait for next year to see what new and amazing changes will take place. If you are looking for a conference to attend this year or next come on out to CPC Orlando or CPC San Diego 

Hope to see you there!


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  • Sam – Really enjoyed your workshops at CPC. Thank you for your leadership! Spending some time with my staff downloading now. So many great ideas. Just the kick-start to the new year we needed!

    • Lori thanks so much for your kind words, I had a great time at CPC learned a buch so glad I was able to attend. Let me know if I can serve you or your team in any way in the future. See you next year!

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