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At CPC Orlando I got to see Roger Fields and his team do their thing. It was high energy and lots of fun. I have followed Rogers blog for awhile but at CPC I got to spend a bit more time with him that I have previously, he’s a blessing to the kidmin community. I love his passion for families, leaders and life. He is one of the most innovative people I know he is always looking for new ideas and new ways to do things.

His Kidz Blitz show was fantastic. If you are looking for a high impact, high energy family event that minister to kids in your church and draw  kids from the community. Contact Roger and his team you will be glad you did.

I had a great time getting to know Roger at CPC Orlando if you want to join me and Roger in CPC San Diego we would love to meet you!

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  • Roger is awesome! I've had the privilege of getting to know him over the past couple years as I run Kidz Blitz Live & FX Live out here in the Western Region of the US. There is nothing like these events – I absolutely love offering them to churches out here!

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