First night at Children’s Pastor’s Conference Orlando

Some of the highlights for me yesterday were :

1. Meeting new folks from all over the globe. Love the international representation here
2. Connecting with old friends.
3. Talking about the future of kids ministry and church in general.
4. Having the bass thump so hard that a glass at our table actually shattered. (That’s not your gradpa’s kidmin conference)
5. Last but not least hearing Phil Vischer and Kyle Idlemann talk about the transformational power of the Gospel.
There are few things that get me as excited as talking about the Gospel or hearing others do so. I believe that the Gospel is attractional in that men/woman are drawn to it. I believe that the Gospel is transformational in that you can not encounter the Gospel and stay the same it requires a response from you.

Here are a couple of quotes that stuck out to me last night.

– We are losing a generation not because we haven’t told them how to vote but because we haven’t told them how to live. – Phil Vicher

– We have a huge gap of understanding of what the bible is about because when we pull stories out of the Bible to teach our kids they don’t understand the bigger story that those individual stories are a part of

– It’s funny how everyone pulls the same stories out of the Bible to teach kids most of the ones we pick are because they have animals in them. – Phil Vischer

– What you win kids with is what you win them to. – Kyle Idlemann

– Are you a fan of Jesus or a passionate follwer? – Kyle Idlemann

– Passionate teaching of God’s word is not just about information it’s about falling in love. – Kyle Idlemann

– Make sure you don’t just raise your kids in church make sure you raise them in Christ. – Kyle Idlemann

– How are we supposed to preach the Gospel of sacrifice and tell people to take up their cross daily in a culture that bought 20 million snuggies. – Kyle Idlemann

Loved so much of yesterday looking forward to today. One of the things I so appreciated about yesterday is that it was very evident that what happend was intentional it was driven by values and by the initiatives of INCM.

The initiative that was clearly on display last night was Impart God’s truth to this generation – Love it!



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