Roll Tide: 10 things I learned about leadership from College Football

Be aware of “Yes” men, generally they are losers. – Bear Bryant.

Well I know this may sound crazy especially for you down in the south but I have never watched a full college football game in my life. I wasn’t feeling good and didn’t have anything else to do so I decided to sit down and watch “The” University of Alabama vs. Penn St. The more I watched the more I cared who won. The more I tweeted that I was pulling for the Tide the more I was assaulted by Auburn fans. The more I was assaulted by Auburn fans the more I cared about the Tide winning. I am a die-hard Yankee fan so I understand a good rivalry. I think I may start watching college football more.

Here are some of the lessons I learned

1. If you don’t care about the outcome of the game. No one will love you or hate you. You’ll just be irrelevant to the conversation
2. Leaders make decisions even if they aren’t popular
3. A good defense make a good offense great.
4. Bear Bryant was a big deal and a great coach and not a cartoon character like I thought.
5. If the other team takes it to you in the opening drive bear down and do what you do with confidence.
6. Knowing who your enemy is makes you more focused and more effective.
7. When you care about a team it makes the game matter more
8. When you understand the strategy of the game you love the game more.
9. When you understand the history of the game each game means more.
10. God created the Tide (Day 3 Gen. 1:9-13) before he created Eagles (Day 5 Gen. 1:20-23)

Roll Tide Roll


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