Retro Post: Seven people in the front seat of a pickup truck doesn't work.

Seven people in the front seat of a pickup truck doesn’t work.

Charlene, age 16
What is driving your ministry? How to keep you ministry from being driven in 7 different directions.

Be Specific – If your specific they’ll be terrific (Borrowed from Ed Young.) – Talk to your leaders often and be specific about what you want and don’t want. Share with them your vision. Talk early and often and for the love of all that is holy Be Specific.

Know where you are going – The only thing worse than “a” back seat driver is “7” back seat drivers. If you have ever driven in a car with more than one person all of whom have a different idea how to get to where you are going you know what I mean.

Stay Focused – Don’t be distracted by everything. I struggle most with this. I get distracted and because I try to do everything at once and in the course of it all…..(Phone ringing, must take this call)……what was I talking about? I wonder if I have any new emails?

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