TakeTen: Being Bi-Vocational with Jared Massey

I had a short lived idea to do a video podcast that I called TakeTen. It would TakeTen minutes to make and TakeTen minutes to listen to it. My idea was to interview different people in kidmin for ten minutes and release it as a podcast unedited and uncensored. The video aspect didn’t work so well so I thought I would turn the idea into a podcast.

In this episode I had a great conversation with Jared Massey who is the associate pastor at Warsaw Assembly of God.  Jared went to school and received a degree in Children’s and Family ministry from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN. In addition to working as the children’s pastor at his church he also oversees music, and youth. Jared has recently started blogging and does a great job talking about what ministry looks like in a small church, he also is bi-vocational meaning he works a secular job fulltime and works ministry full time. Bi-vocational ministry is no easy task I grew up in a how where my dad was a pastor but also worked fulltime in a secular job. Jared shares some great insights in this episode of TakeTen that will help you be more effective of a leader no matter what size church you are in.

To keep up with Jared check out

His Blog – Small Town Kidmin
He also is one of the writers for – Kidmin1124.com – A Collaborative blog started by Wayne Stocks for bi-vocational kidmin’s.
His Twitter – @Pastorjaredm
His Facebook –  PastorJaredM

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