Review: Sun Stand Still

I was provided by Multnomah Books a free pre-release copy of Steven Furtick’s new book “Sun Stand Still”

I remember the first time I heard Steven speak I was struck by two things 1. His Ability to communicate 2. What he had accomplished and both of those things at such a young age. I left the meeting challenged, and said to myself how did he do all that at such a young age.  I think Sun Stand Still answers those two questions very well.

Sun Stand Sill is all about the value that Steven and his church place on faith. If I had to discribe in a few words what this book is about I would say it is a handbook on Audacious Faith.

For me books on faith always make me a bit nervous because so many people have so abused biblical faith that they have reduced it to genie and a magic lamp. Thankfully Steven didn’t do that. I have a good friend of mine who has visited Elevation Church a few times and reading this book knowing that this is not just a book but part of the core message that drives Furtick and the whole community at Elevation.

Faith is a topic that many people either avoid or abuse. I think today more than ever it imperative that we have responsible voices raising the flag of authentic faith. I loved how he based the explain for the basis of faith on the greatness and the goodness of God. Whenever I explain faith to kids I always use this apporch we can have faith in God and trust him because we know that he loves us.

One of the things I wish he would have done more was give examples of the audacious everyday faith that has lead Elevation to be one of the fastest growing churches in America. He did tell some stories, I however was hoping he would include more of the journey that Elevation has walked.

Lastly, I loved how he focused on prayer. Faith and prayer are inseparable because if you don’t know God and don’t know how much he loves you you will never trust him.

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