Free stuff every kids pastor need to know about.


We just did a whole month teaching our kids about the importance of the bible. I am not sure how I heard about it but right before we started doing our lessons on the bible I found the seeds site by the people over at Church on the move. They do the best books of the bible song I have ever heard. The best part is that it is free. They have a ton of other stuff on their site. You need to check it out.

The guys that started the open revolution is love their passion for the church as a whole. I really believe they opened the door for other churches to start posting the stuff they are doing for free. Thanks so much lifechurch for thinking about “The church” and not just your church. You need to check out their stuff for kids it just keeps getting better and better.

Stuff I Can Use

A relative newcomer to the open movement is Southeast Christian church from Louisville KY, (the home church of Michael Chanley) Although most of their stuff isn’t for kids ministry you can definitely adapt it. Stop by and check out Stuff I can use.

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