Collaborate: Family + Church

If you work with kids and have internet access by now you know that Michael “the Beast” Chanley’s book is avaliable for pre-order through Amazon.

This book is amazing because it takes one topic and 35 people who minister to children wrestle with it and share their conclusions. I am very excited to read what some of the best minds in kids ministry have to say about how to better connect the worlds of Faith and Family. This topic could not be more important and I am so thankful to Chanley and his merry band of contributors for putting this together.  As our country drifts further and further from it’s moral foundations the more crucial this message will become.Thanks to all who spend time and energy to make this book a reality.

Why should you buy this book?

Other than the fact you get to peek into the world of 35 children’s ministry guys and gals from around the world. The biggest reason for me to buy this book is knowing that Michael Chanley totally believes in the power of the local church. Every time I talk to him I am blown away by his passion to see the kingdom of God extended. Chanley truly loves God and loves people. That my friends is worth 13.99 plus shipping and handling. We need more people like Michael Chanley out there pushing “the church” not an agenda.


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