Um…how to…er…stop using fillers

To Pick up on Dan’s amazing post. I could not agree more one of the areas we need to focus more energy on in Kids ministry is our “stage presents” and performance skills. I recently read “The exceptional presenter” great book with tons of practical insight.

The comfort food of verbal communication in the US at least is Um, er, ah, i think and you know what I mean. I am guilty of a few of these and have been working on erasing them from vocabulary you know what I mean?

I found these points below to be very helpful these are just a portion of the full article please click through to read the whole thing.

10 Ways to Erase Fillers
Here are 10 things I have used in the class to erase the fillers used by my students in their talk whether in an informal chat or in a formal setting. I have also personally used these methods to wipe away fillers. I still use them on occasion.

idea 1 When in Doubt, Shut the Mouth:

idea 2 Think Consciously and Speak slowly:

idea 3 Rewind a Filler Sentence and Play the Correct One:

idea 4 Go on a One Minute Filler Diet:

idea 5 Read Aloud for 10 Minutes Everyday:

idea 6 Listen to Interactions and Catch the Fillers:

idea 7 Pair and Play the Filler Count Game:

idea 8 Use the 4Ps: Plan, Prepare, Practice, Perform:

idea 9 Speak in Short sentences:

idea 10 If Nothing Else Works, Bite the Fillers:

I have written here what has helped either me or my students in overcoming the fillers or crutch words. I believe that if you use them sincerely, as we did, they will be of immense help to you. So here’s wishing you a filler-free oration.

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4 thoughts on “Um…how to…er…stop using fillers

  1. Dear Sam Luce,

    Thank you for posting my article in your website. I am happy that you found it useful. The points are the result of having trained over 10,000 school and college going students in the art and science of speaking formally or informally. Thanks a ton.
    Komarraju Venkata Vinay