Do you want your kids to be brave or safe?

Well over the christmas holiday I backed off my blog and social media to spend focused time with my family and friends. I am always amazed how many more books I read when I am not writing in my blog or reading the blogs of others. I love reading blogs and books and have found that taking blogging breaks always allows me to read books a bit more.

The first book I read was Just Courage by Gary Haugen

Just courage is a great book and a must read for every parent. I won’t bore you with a book report but the biggest take away for me was that in our society we value bravery and courage but preach safety. The two can not co-esist. We need to rethink how we address issues with our kids. I know reading this book helped me see as a father I can’t be so obsessed that my kids are safe because I will build into them an aversion for bravery and greatness when they are men.

We live in a society that is hungry for courageous men and women and yet we are destroying the very brave gene we crave by trying to creating a world where there is no pain. I don’t know about you but I want my kids to be brave and leave a legacy worth leaving.

The brave people at IJM are doing just that putting themselves in harms way to protect and defend the very weakest most vulnerable among us.

I know I have change my prayers and even how I talk to my boys and now put a much greater value on bravery because I want my kids to make a difference in their world not just “make it”.

Do your self two favors, read this book and find out more about the work of International Justice mission.

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9 thoughts on “Do you want your kids to be brave or safe?

  1. It's funny you covered this. I've really been contemplating this lately. Definitely will pick this book up if it was worth the read.

  2. Will add the book to my reading list for this year. Interesting. So many times I tell my 10yo to 'be careful' as he leaves the house to hang with his friends. Maybe what I should tell him is 'be smart'. Smart doesn't necessarily protect from danger… that the unnecessary stuff. Thanks for the post.

    • So true Gina. I do the same thing. I want to keep them safe instead of teach them to be brave. This is a huge problem in our culture. I want my boys to be brave!