YouTube Friday: Yankees and Passion

I was listening to ESPN (usually in the Tank for the Red Sox) the other day, and the radio host made a comment that was very thought provoking. He said he thinks the argument that the Yankees win because they buy their championships, is a week argument. This made me turn the radio up what he said next made so much sense. He said the reason the Yankees have that money to spend is because the Yankees money is a byproduct of passion. He said the passion of Yankee Nation translates into higher expectations of their organization, and a willingness to go the extra mile. If it’s always about being in a big market like so many people say, “the Yankees have all their money because of the big market they are in”. If that is true why are the Mets horrible year after year? The difference is passion.

I have gone to conferences before and have heard people say, “They live in a very wealthy area, we could have a kids ministry like this if we lived in this area.” To that I always think no you couldn’t. People who makes excuses for their present circumstances rarely achieve great things. Don’t make excuses be passionate. Serve God passionately, love others passionately. I promise the results will be life transforming.

Live Passionately – Go Yankees!


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