Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #7 ProPresenter

In today’s day of media driven everything. No matter what size ministry you have I can’t imagine doing kids church without ProPresenter. Our church has used many different worship service softwares over the years. Nothing in my opinion touches ProPresenter. If you are not using ProPresenter consider it. If you are using curriculum like elevate don’t even consider it just buy it.

Why I use ProPresenter

1. Easy of Use – I can train a new volunteer in literally 5 Minutes and they are up and running.
2. Flexibility – It can handle any audio, video or photo file you throw at it. You can show a video and run sound at the same time.
3. Works on a mac
4. Love the simple clean interface

5 comments On Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #7 ProPresenter

  • We actually use Easy Worship on the weekends. Works well and is easy. How does Pro Presenter compare with Easy Worship?

  • Josh,

    Depends on what you are trying to do. We used Easy worship for a while as well. I found that Pro Presenter is so much more powerful and plays so much better with macs which most of us use at our church.

    If you are a PC i would recommend Media Shout I have never used it but have heard great things.

    but ultimately use what works for you. If Easy Worship does that than by all means do not change. I found Easy worship very limiting for our kids church, didn’t play well with Quicktime files, video audio at the same time etc..

  • You are right about the quicktime and audio files. Easy worship does not do well with those.

    I am a PC guy.

  • Love ProPresenter our whole church is switching to it seeing how our cm has influenced the church to not only switch over to mac but propresenter as well.

  • How do you use it with Elevate?

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