Top 10 Kids Ministry Resources: #5 Bible Bucks 2.0

About three years ago I stopped doing our Bible Bucks program out of frustration with the way it was being done. I found that either I had no control of how points were given and teachers handed points out however and whenever they wanted or I had total control but face an administrative nightmare (personally adding points to kids name tag each week! Was I nuts?)

One year ago we redid our children’s church area to look like a town part of the remodel we wanted to add a store where kids could come and use “Bible Bucks” to buy a prize of their choice. I didn’t want to do what had always been done. I started brainstorming and came up with the idea of using a customer loyalty software the only problem is that most customer loyalty software cost literally thousands of dollars. I almost abandoned the idea until I came across a company that offered an online solution. Bible Bucks 2.0 is amazing because it gives you total flexibility as a kids pastor to use Bible Bucks to reinforce the values and the things you want reinforced but the interface to add and subtract points is so easy a Jr. Higher can do it.

I have been using the system for almost a year and it has been amazing. I believe in the product so much that I have become the Bible Bucks 2.0 guru. I now handle everything from questions to implementation. (insert shameless plug) If you would like this system in your church contact me let me know, I would love to talk with you more about it.

Why I love Bible Bucks 2.0

1. Low Monthly Price
2. Custom made barcode cards strengthen our Brand.
3. I control what we reward points for
4. Kids go to our website to check point values on their card.
5. Points never get lost
6. Points can’t be stolen
7. The system is perfect for Multi-Site churches
8. I can create a whole separate Bible Bucks point system for events like VBS without messing up my weekly point system and it doesn’t cost me anymore cash to do so.  

Here is what another kids pastor that uses Bible Bucks 2.0 is saying about it.

We love this new system because it is a whole lot easier on the kids, parents, volunteers, and staff. Points are easy to track and we now have a better handle of the program overall. It gives us the ability to keeps things consistent among the all the different Elementary classes during the weekend. Not to mention, kids love it and don’t loose their points to the dreaded washing machine or couch crease!

-Pete Ammerman (Cornerstone Fellowship, ca) @peteammerman on twitter

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