Customer Service Chapter 4: Starbucks (Are you creating an environment?)

I know, I know friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks.

I worked at Starbucks for a year when I was in College. I loved it. I love coffee so it was a natural fit. I would also like to add they were a fantastic company to work for. I know that many try to throw things through the front window, of what they see as a corporate evil. During my time at Starbucks one thing I learned was the value of environment.

One thing that has made starbucks loved by so many people is their ability to create an experience. From the smell of beans to the lighting to the iconic color pallet. It was a place you wanted to visit. I got to know quite a few of the “regulars” (people not coffee). I was amazed at how much money people would spend because of environment.

We in the church world are not about the bottom line but we are looking for “regulars.” To move people from a place that is far from God to a close relationship with him.

Questions I have been pondering.

If environment matters everywhere else why do I pretend it doesn’t at church?

If people are proud of their church are they more likely to tell others?

If a few coats of paint and some elbow grease will help someone who is new feel comfortable isn’t it worth it?

If I accept things as is with no thought of change because of familiarity what do people who are new think of my church?

Does the flow and feel of my church convey who we are and what we “actually value”.

2 thoughts on “Customer Service Chapter 4: Starbucks (Are you creating an environment?)”

  1. I love this series! I sometimes drive my wife crazy when I visit a business with great environment and customer service, because I start analyzing its features and brainstorming applications to our children’s ministry (she smiles as if to say, “that’s nice, dear, now settle down and eat your lunch.”)

    Thanks for you insights.

  2. appreciate this series…been sharing it with our ‘first impressions’ team.

    although I did miss YouTube Friday last week!

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