Summer = Podcasts

In the summer I listen to podcasts much more not sure why. I have a list of who I listen to most. I would love to pick up a new podcast or two. They don’t have to be preaching by the way. I would love a good tech podcast that isn’t a snoozefest.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Andy Stanley Preaching

Andy Stanley Preaching Best of.

(In case you are not a regular reader of my blog and are wondering why 3 of the 5 podcasts I listen to are Andy Stanley, simple, I have a have a man-crush on Andy Stanley)

Matt Chandler

ESPN: Fantasy Focus Baseball

What do you listen to?

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  • Cornerstone Simi Valley podcasts! Even when Francis Chan isn’t preaching their other teachers have really changed my life. We’re becoming foster parents because of one of those other speakers. It’s also completely not produced and he talks very casually and personally to his people, and each week has a little something different in it.

    Perry Noble is fun just because he’s so funny and you never know what he’s going to say next.

    My husband likes Erwin McManus but I have too poor of an attention span for him.

    Andy and Matt are awfully good though. 🙂

  • I do the same thing. I’m not sure if it’s the yard work, or long summer car trips; but I listen to a plethora of podcast during the Summer. I listen to all the Andy Stanley ones you mentioned, but mix in the Catalyst podcast and Mark Driscoll as much as possible.

    …and you follow all your A-Rod news on the baseball one, right?

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