Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-09

  • Thanks us air for rerouting me with no additional fee. #
  • Slept 10 hrs in 3 days. Trying to stay awake so I don’t miss my flight boarding. VERY tired. Massive #orange09 hangover. #
  • Finally boarding my last flight. My wife is going to pick me up in one hour Ya Whoo! #
  • RT @hayesandrew: church was great today! big church and kids church went really well #kidmin //// miss my uptown peeps!!! #
  • Just got home Long week. Lots of fun meeting new people and learning new things. #kidmin #
  • Bro you need to follow @theuprisinglive he is a great guy and strait up hilarious. Meet him at orange. #
  • Writing a blog post about #orang09 by searching my tweets from the breakout. How cool is twitter? #kidmin #
  • Just found some new #kidmin peeps to follow! Love when I can follow people I want to not be spammed by internet SEO’s #
  • RT @r_frank: I need to go on record & say that “Children’s Paster” was misspelled intentionally on the cover of K! Mag. Not a typo. #kidmin #
  • Where are my disciples? #mfi #mfu #
  • We have an indoor playground. We sanitize it but it still looks dirty any ideas how to clean it? #kidmin #
  • For all #kidmin peeps which conference is better for your whole church team. #drive or #orange10 or #catalyst #
  • Trying to keep up with a 3yr 4yr and 7yr old at a park. Man can they move. #
  • Driving home. My son is listening to Family Times from ReThink and loving it! #
  • RT @Jon_C: Listening to @andystanley leadership podcast. I could listen to this stuff all day long! //// could not agree more. #
  • Going through my tweeple trying to weed out SEO’s and get rich quick people. #
  • Busy day no time for blogging or tweeting. #
  • Finished the May edition of 365family Newsletter family resource. I would love feedback like/dislikes #kidmin #
  • Heard all the sci-fi people hate the new Star Trek. Sounds like us normal people will like it. #

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