Elevate Jr. Brainstorm (Part 1)

Notes on Elevate Jr.

Brief note of my boneheadedness – I forgot C3 was going on all the experts where there getting their expert on. Hopefully we can do this again in a couple of weeks. Maybe we could even get Steven Dilla to join us.

General Thoughts
Strengths of elevate – flexible video, video training for small group. Take home piece is strong.

Most take a portion of the lesson for the 2 to 3 year olds.

Currently Doing Elevate Jr.
Henry Zonio – Just did Spy chase – kids liked it Adults loved it.
Dustin Aagaard – Launching in three weeks
Todd Mckeever – Starting in 3 weeks –
Sam Luce – Starting elevate in 3 weeks
Sheik Mozart – Not currently using Elevate very interested.

Service Style
Henry – Does a large group setting. No small groups yet
Todd- going to do Large group 1st service Large group small group 2nd service
Sam – Does a classroom rotation model for more on this click here preschool_rotation
Dustin – Is doing a Classroom model – small group driven

Service Length
Henry – 90 min
Sheik Mozart – 90 min
Todd – 60 min service
Dustin Aagaard – 60 min. service

Henry  – 4/5 serve every week 2and3 once a month
Sheik – serve weekly
Dustin – Serve every other week
Sam – Going to do 2 weeks on 2 off for presentors Once a month for room facilitators.

Sat night.
No one does a Sat. – Sam is considering starting a Sat. Preschool class this might work for him.

3 comments On Elevate Jr. Brainstorm (Part 1)

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it, but I had to wash my hair.

    No really, it was my day off, and the kids and I did some day off stuffs. Consider me interested in the future. We’re using E/jr. on Saturday Nights, and moving towards it in all EarlyChildhood areas in June.

  • Thanks for sharing this intro info. Would love to have joined also.
    We are on our 4th Elevate Jr. Series (center stage jr.). It has rejuvenated our faithful lead teachers and brought in new volunteers (ease of use & implementation, kinestetic activities, amazing videos & songs, top notch take home sheets). The kids loved it so much that they were excited to do Spy chase again while we waited on the next series! We do the Large group DVD format.
    Anyway, look forward to next time. Always looking for new ideas.

  • Sorry I couldn’t be a part of the discussion today. Looking forward to the next one. We gave used Elevate or almost a year now. We will start Jr next Sunday and we nowhave enough curriculum of both to run through the end of the year. Gotta love conference specials. Thanks for putting this together.

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