You might be a parent if…..

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I want to start of the year by posting a few blog posts about parents and the important work they do. I thought it would be fun to start it off today with a humorous tribute to all the hard work that parents do.

You might be a parent……

1. If you consider trips to the grocery store and the bathroom “Me time”

2. If you have ever said “Do not put food in the VCR.” (or any food in an electronic device, thank you Donny)

3. If you stop by the store to buy a gallon of milk EVERY DAY.

4. If you go out to eat at a nice restaurant with your wife and the first thing that comes to your mind is “There’s a party in my tummy.”

5. If you have a complete unique vocabulary dedicated to bathroom events

6. If curse words come to your mind as you unsuccessfully navigate your child’s Lego minefield

7. If you have ever said to your kids “Do not play with your poo-p0o.”

8. If your idea of sleeping it is sleeping till your kids come to your room start pulling on your eyelids.

9. If your cereal shelf has more colors than a spanish rainbow

10. If you look total strangers in the eye and tell them it is so nice to talk to big people.

What ones would you add?

9 comments On You might be a parent if…..

  • Very funny. Although a bit ’90s on point number 2. You may want to update that to putting peanut butter or bologna in the DVD player.

  • If you covet the latest model of mini-van and could care less about that snazzy red sports car.

  • Thanks for the Tech heads up. (we still have a vcr and that hole is very inviting.) Just wait Donny! It is the best, craziest, most exciting, fun tiring thing that will ever happen to you.

  • Starr excellent point. BTW have you seen the new Honda Odyssey, very nice. LOL

  • * there is always food stuck to your work clothes.
    * you carry toys in your purse.
    * you have diapers and wipes in your glove box.. just ‘in case’

    great post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You know you’re a parent if you take your young child to the grocery store and they tell the lady at the deli – I have a (insert male body part here), you have a (insert female body part here). Yep, this really happened. He was two or three.

  • you talk to your GUY FRIENDS about the newest minivan on the market like you once spoke of a sports car. you want the leather package not cus it rocks but because you can wipe the puke up easier.

  • ChurchPunk – thanks for commenting on my blog by the tone of your comment I am going to say you have kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Karen – I literally Laughed Out Loud. Oh the memories of young Scotty that fill my mind.

    Mark – You wouldn’t be referring to a certain Director of Pastoral Ministries would you?

  • You might be a parent of Hagarty boys…
    if you step in something wet by the toilet. Consistently
    if you have to explain why full chamo is not acceptable to wear to church
    if you have boys that think pulling the tendons on chicken feet is better than any China derived toy
    if you get asked how a seed turns into an egg into a baby
    if items random items like knex, hangers and pencils get turned into bows and arrows

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