A Thin Man's Guide To Losing Weight: Introduction

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One thing that people who are trying to lose weight do that has always mystified me is that when they are looking for advice they often seek it from those who themselves are trying to lose weight. So instead of hearing what are the things that help you maintain a life of thinfulness. They are often caught in the latest get thin quick scheme. Many of which perplex me, one of my favorites has to be the diet that tells you that for breakfast 1 piece of toast is evil and should be replaced with 3 pounds of bacon and 12 eggs.

Over the course of the next few months I will give you chapter summaries of what i believe to be the proper ways to lose weight and keep it off. As someone who didn’t weigh 100 pounds till 9th grade and currently fluctuates between 140 and 145. The last thing I thought I would ever do is give diet advice but after having many friends diet and hearing everyone’s diet techniques over the years that are mostly cheap marketing ploys to sell more books based on the word of mouth buzz created by rapid weight loss. I decided that I think the secret to thinness is found within the lifestyle choices of the thin.

Lastly I realize that I do not want to bore all of you who stop by to hear about Uptown or children’s ministry I will try to keep my “Thin mans guide” posts short and pithy.

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  • Hilarious. Sounds like a best selling book.

  • VERy well said, Samuel. i agree totally. Weight loss is not a ten step program, it is a lifestyle of choices more over and over again. Those healthy choices then become habits to a thinner life. I have struggled with my weight in the past, and now at 32 with two kiddos 2 and under, I am not only the thinnest I have ever been in my life, I am the healthiest. This is because of what you are saying. I find your thoughts enlightening. My best to you, i look forward to reading more!!!! Maybe you too could sell a book based on the word of mouth buzz… i hear it is a great source of a second income!! haha, just kidding. Love you bro!

  • Your sis, sarah – Love you loads!

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