Thoughts from Pipeline: Why are Children's Pastors afraid to lead?

Aaron said a few times this weekend “To many children’s pastors are afraid to lead they, they lead to often apologetically”.

This got me thinking.

I really think that he is on to something. I think that many times we spend so much time filling holes that we never focus on vision and values.

Any time you fill positions with people who are asked to serve as more of a favor to the asker rather than as a buy in to the vision you will lead apologetically.

Any time you feel bad that people are missing service instead of recognizing gift mixes within people and challenging them to stretch and grow their gift you will lead apologetically.

Any time you forget the moment you were called by almighty God to work with kids, you will lead apologetically.

Any time you rely on your own abilities instead of trusting His unending grace you will lead apologetically.

I know I was challenged by Aaron’s words to lead with more conviction and more clarity in the future. So to myself and all kids workers out there Go Lead!

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