YouTube Friday: Brother Barry

I found this video courtesy of fellow blogger Steven Furtick’s blog. It is very funny. Clip 2 of 3 it is my favorite but if you have the time all three are well worth your while.

What struck me most is that we are undeniably a product of our environment. Someone in brother Barry’s life preached like that. I think that we need to look at our environment and we need to look at ourselves because very often the environment you are in defines your direction. Growth happens in the context of community.

What about you. How is your environment shaping you?

Lastly some great advice Steven Furtick gave me is get some tisues because you are going to laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh. Either way enjoy.

Here is the link to Brother Barry 1 0f 3

Here is the link to Brother Barry 2 of 3

Here is the link to Brother Barry 3 of 3 (I know I said 2 was my fav. but I just watched 3 crazy funny stuff)

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