What I learned from Ed Young

b-host-eym.jpgI had the wonderful opportunity to meet one of my spiritual heros at our generation conference. I was blown away by his humility and by how personable he was. It is very humbling for a Pastor who has 20,000 people in his church to not only listen to you but ask you questions to get your perspective on things.

What did i learn from Ed Young?

He truly has a passion for reaching people who are far from God.

He truly cares about people.

He is what he preaches. He exudes Authenticity.

He says that he loves asking questions and he really does ask a lot of questions. He never stops learning, I love that.

He has a way of talking the conversation and using it to find out more about you.

He is 100% passionate about the local church.

He lives the theme of our conference. He really does Love God and Love others.

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