Keeping kids in church? Part 2

Here is the age appropriate Children’s Ministry side of the argument.

Pros of age appropriate Children’s Ministry:

Kids build community with other kids their age

Kids see what the church believes modeled at an age appropriate level.

Kids have another much needed voice reinforcing to them the Biblical truths learned at home.

Kids sing songs that make sense and are fun to them.

Kids learn the “Why of church” not just the “How of church”. (I.E. this is why mom and dad raise their hands vs. this is how mom and dad raise their hands.)

The bible story is taught in a way that each kid can live it during the week.

Cons of age appropriate Children’s Ministry:

Children worship in a seperate location from their parents (Unless the parent volunteers in the children’s ministry)

In many churches the lesson taught to the kids differs from the Sermon preached by the pastor so this leads to a potential lack of application at home during the week.

I guess it is obvious where I fall in this debate. More on this tomorrow.

Let me know what you think?

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