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I am officially breaking up with Jack Bauer. I have watched Jack Bauer from Day 1 literally. I have been an unashamed Bower evangelist, I converted all my friends to be Jack fans. This year has been so dissapointing I am no longer watching.

The sad part is I am not leaving 24 it has (thanks to the worst writing staff on earth by writer and producers drunk with success ) left me. 24 at one point in my life was an experience . It was something that you shared with friends, I have met strangers who have become good friends because of 24, but no longer. It has fallen victim to itself, it has become boring, predictable and irrelevant . The writers have admitted to "winging it" the past two years.

I think people are looking for the same things in church, they want to experience something amazing that they can’t wait for their friends to experience and be a part of too. To many churches have fallen victim to themselves and have become boring, predictable and irrelevant . They "wing it" thinking no one will notice. They notice. The part that scares me most is how many chances will someone give us before they move on?

In case you are wondering I’m now dating Lost.

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