Sanjaya the next American Idol


Why do we love and hate Sanjaya? Anyone who knows anything about pop culture will tell you they either love Sanjaya (mostly under the age of 12 and female) or hate him (everyone else). A wise man once told me the opposite of love is not hate but indifference.


Why do i love Sanjaya?(I by the way am older than 12 and not female) Because I can learn a lot from him.

1. He is not afraid of change. Different hair every week, different outfit and song every week.
2. Buzz, Buzz and more Buzz. He is memorable. He can’t sing and he is still around because you can forget Sanjaya. Believe me I have tried.
3. He maximizes his strengths. He knows who his fans are and reaches them every week.
4. He doesn’t let Simon define him.

So ask yourself are you afraid of change, are you memorable, do you maximize your strengths do those who you don’t like define you?

What we do is way more important than a singing competition. I think however, we can learn from Sanjaya’s amazing Idol run. To reach as many people for Christ as we can you don’t have the be "the best singer" you need to be the best with what God has given you. Don’t focus on what others have use what God has given you in the most creative passionate way.

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