Be Attitudes: BE SAFE

Safety.Jpg.W300H388I am very happy to finally be hanging up my hardhat. General contracting is not for me. With most of the details being finished up in the next few weeks I want/need to focus more efforts on the values/vision/ and overall logistics of our kids ministry. This week I am going to be going into our Be Attitudes which are the values that we need to live and breath each weekend.

Our Be Attitudes for Uptown are:

Today I want to talk about safety. When working with kids you can never be to safe. My perspective is safety has to be paramount in all we do. If Parents don’t feel their kid will be safe they will not bring them if kids do not feel safe they won’t stay. If kids don’t come or won’t stay nothing we do matters life change in our context will not happen.

I thought I would post what some of our safety procedures are and could feedback as to what you guys do or don’t do.

1. Check-in – We use Fellowship One. I researched all the church databases out there on the market a few years ago and Fellowship One was just getting started but were already BY FAR the most kid focused/ kid safe program out there. Each family each week gets a randomly generated alpha numeric code printed on a sticker that the parents have to match to the kiddo sticker. Very safe and very fast.

2. In the hall. No person is allowed in the wing were our kids classes take place without a Fellowship One name-tag. The only people that are allowed are approved volunteers, children of the appropriate age and parents.

3. All workers must fill out an application and have a background check performed.

4. We never change diapers or assist kids in the bathroom.

5. Kids are not allowed to leave their environment until a parent or guardian picks up their child by displaying their matching name-tag code.

Picture 1

Picture 2

6. We do tours for adults wishing to see our children’s ministry environments AFTER all the kiddos are gone.

7. Every environment has a walkie talkie to page parents or to contact security.

Some people have not liked these changes. But I am committed more than ever to BE SAFE.

Your turn. What do you do or would suggest we do to keep our kiddos safe.

Youtube Friday: Why I Love Hillsong.

I love Hillsong because they love the local church they love those far from God and they are innovative. They push the limits we wrongly put on church and reap huge rewards. I also think their mantra of loyalty to the past commitment to the future is brilliant. Hillsong inspires me to love God more and love others more and do it in an innovative way.

I am always blown away by what Hillsong does with their kids ministry. Every year when they release their new kids worship DVD they always take it to a level that children’s ministry rarely sees. Thank you Dave and the team at Hillsong, thank you for challenging each of us do extraordinary things for our extraordinary King.

Here is the opening to their 2007 Conference. I LOVE IT.




Vladstudio Dandelion 800X600Yesterday I was doing some yard work. My son was playing outside. I was pulling up by the root every dandelion in our yard. My son ran over to me visibly shaken. Saying “Dad stop! Stop killing all of the flowers.” “They are beautiful and I love them.”

So often the childlike faith that Jesus refers to in the gospels eludes me at times. I need to see plants, people and circumstances as flowers and not weeds. There is a very thin line between a flower and a weed and much of that lies in our faith-filled perspective.

Is there anything in your life or ministry that is a flower yet you treat it like a weed?

Jonathan Martin Creative Rocks!

JMC_TEAMWhat can I say. It has been about a year and a half in the making and it has been a huge pleasure at every turn. We have been so blessed to work with an organization that shares our passion for creating lifechanging environments for kids.

From Rachel in the office to Bill the head artist and Kristin (Super nice, super artistic, super humble. My kind of people) Crazy Mike and his construction crew kept us hopping and ducking from paint tape balls. Shannon and Curt with their helpful painting pointers. And everyone else I am forgetting. Thank you.

Jonathan Martin Creative is a well oiled machine. I am so amazed that a creative person like Jonathan Martin can run such a tight ship and yet give his people the freedom to make on the site decisions to make the project better. I never got to meet Jonathan, but I know who he is because of the quality of the people who serve him.

Lastly I want to thank the volunteers from our church who are to numerous to name. People who gave time and money to the point of leaving me speechless. Thank you for your faith, thank you for your passion for kids. Thank you, thank you.

I do want to thank a couple of people who when above and beyond. Dave Myers and Dan Buck. Thank you so much. I literally could not have done this with out you.