Why I Won’t Take a Chance on the Rapper With My Kids.

I’ll start by admitting that my hip factor is decreasing the older I get. I do what I can. My kids and I really enjoy Christian rap artists like Lecrae, Trip Lee and Jackie Hill Perry. My personal feelings on music is that there is not Christian and Non-Christian music but rather good music and bad music. The challenge comes with rap as many rappers who I would agree are very talented have lyrics that I don’t think are helpful to anyone’s ears especially young ears.

I was watching the Grammy’s this year as is my custom (Primarily to live tweet and to read the tweets of others). This years Grammy’s were particularly awful. The technical errors and poorly executed tributes to fallen artists made the Grammy’s difficult to watch. There were a few exceptions one was by an artist new to me Chance the Rapper. He opened with Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God.” Something you don’t usually hear at the Grammy’s.

Chance did a fantastic job. I enjoyed it because I thought I may have found another artist for my kids to enjoy. Everything on the internet seemed to point to the fact that he is Christian (I’m not sure if he is or is not). Glad I did my homework. I listened to a few songs one song, in particular, that was so filled with content I found objectionable, filled with four letter words and other language and imagery that would push his music into the “bad music” category for me.

I don’t say this to bash Chance nor do I say this because I am certain of his relationship with God, I’m not.

What’s the takeaway for you as a parent or leader?

  1. Just because the internet says something doesn’t mean it’s true.
  2. Just because someone says they are a Christian doesn’t mean they should be given influence in your kid’s lives via iTunes.
  3. Research the artists they admire.
  4. Check on the songs your kids are listening to, look the lyrics up online.
  5. Check out the videos of the songs that your kids are listening to.
  6. Be the parent. Teach your kids the difference between good music and bad music.

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