The Dark Side of Parenting

Kids are a joy. Kids are the best thing ever. Kids are also a lot. I remember seeing as a single person families come to church with well dressed little kids and smiles on their faces thinking wow what a beautiful family. I had no idea! Now four kids later I have a bit more of an idea.

I came across these photos and literally laughed out loud. Danielle Guenther has great skill as a photographer but also must have a few kids judging from some of the pictures she takes. These are fantastic. If you have not crawled along the floor using your iPhone as a flashlight you probably don’t have kids. I most identify with the parents sneaking out and the dad trying to reach his phone while holding his baby. Which one is your family?

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4 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Parenting”

  1. Hey bro, so funny. Although I am confused…what does the picture of two parents using iPhone while crawling on kids floor mean? I have kids, but I have never done that before.

    1. Hey sis. It’s when you get your kids to sleep or they are almost asleep and you crawl lower than their crib so they don’t see you leave the room. We didn’t do this that often but we did it enough to make me laugh when I saw the photo.

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