Why Apple is slowly losing me

I am not sure if there could be a bigger fanboy of the Apple universe than me. I love all things apple, but the grip Apple once had on me is lessening, Apple is slowly losing me.

I have never owned a PC every computer I have owned has been a Mac. I used to wait for Steve Job’s keynotes like a small boy waiting for Santa, who fell asleep on the stairs and woke up magically in his own bed. Only to head downstairs the next morning to be wowed by the amazingness under the family tree. I am no longer that boy. I am now the boy that was told by his best friend that Santa Clause is mom and dad. The presents are fine, but the magic is gone.

This year I switched to an Android phone mostly because I save 120.00 a month on my phone bill and other than the texting being a nightmare I prefer the phone. This week I switched from AppleTV to Roku for a two reasons. Control and innovation.

Apple will continue to bleed customers until they come to change one of two things. Control or innovation. I am switching to Roku because they don’t control what you put on their device and because of that fact the community innovates. Apple is way too controlling. When Job’s was alive, this was bearable because he pushed his team to be more innovative than the community. When you innovate at the consistency and rate at which Apple was innovating you can afford to be controlling. When you slowly tout features as revolutionary that have been standard on Androids or Jailbroken iPhones, it’s only a matter of time before your version of innovation becomes irrelevance. [Tweet “it’s only a matter of time before your version of innovation becomes irrelevance”]

If Apple wants to remain the company, Steve Jobs turned it into they need to do one of two things, release some control or innovate for real.

There is a lot of talk around the church world about innovation but very little around control. Innovation works for a while, but most visionary leaders and visionary churches can’t innovate at a clip that keeps up with the community. [Tweet “We kill ourselves trying to outdo the week before.”]We kill ourselves trying to outdo the week before. We can spend all our time trying to out innovate ourselves or we can release control and trust God and train people. I say lets focus more on giving away our best ideas and learning from others and spend less time trying to come up with clever ideas to make us seem more clever than the next guy.

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  • Amen!! Amen!! Amen!! Having worked in a very large church where we worked very hard to innovate & control (and we did very successfully FOR A SEASON) – I now know the joy & freedom ministry can have when you don’t have to control or always be a step ahead of everyone else. We trust and follow what God is doing instead of telling Him what we want to do. I do not miss the pressure that came with the bigger and better thinking. Serving within what God is already doing is simply the best. : )

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