Creative ways to communicate to kids: Self Interview

Kids are the best critics because they haven’t learned the subtle art of not offending others with brutal honesty. When you are boring they will call you on it. I remember one time I thought the lesson was going well. The kids were a bit non-responsive I figured they were tired…until one of the kids I was teaching stood up cupped his mouth with his hands and said “This is boring!” Ouch. It’s moments like that has forced me as someone who has communicated to kids for the past 18 years to always be looking for creative ways to communicate to kids. To give them truth in ways they aren’t always expecting. The keep the “This is boring” kids on the edge of their seats.

One of the ways we have done that over the years is called the “Self-Interview.” Basically you write a script and play both parts. The kids love this because they are on to your game they feel that they know something you don’t. They feel like they have insider info and pay closer attention.

Here is how it works.

  1. Write a script include both parts of the conversation
  2. Read one half of the conversation out-loud on the camera read the rest of the lines in your head to allow for response time.
  3. Edit video
  4. Set up the video explain we have a special guest via satellite. Interact with the video to sell the authenticity of the footage.
  5. Wrap up with the kids and remind them of what they just learned.

The tools I used for this video

  1. My camera phone
  2. Whoohoo! to create authentic dialogue. You type in what you want and it translates it into Scottish, Irish, Cockney or various other dialects. It doesn’t do Pirate but this site does
  3. A friend of mine did edited it for me in Final Cut Pro.

Here is how I set it up for the kids – Kids today to help us with our memory verse my 4th cousin Thomas who is actually an English explorer to the south pole. He is coming to us via satellite so hopefully the transmission will be clear.

Me – Hello Thomas are you there? Come in Thomas.

(beams in is adjusting stuff doesn’t hear then says)

Thomas – Well I say – oh ‘eaars thanking yoursleves greatly on is here

Thomas – On is here paarky as all mustah out but one is here. Goodness me!

Me – You seem quite cold. I had an idea what if you brough us our memory verse?

Thomas  – What that? You one’s old bean, seem to be breaking up. Absolutely top hole – I have to say.

Me – Uh. Can you help us with the memory verse?

Thomas – I’m terribly sorry but that sounds splendid it would be one’s honour.

Me – Excellent let’s get to it.

Thomas – Ezekiel 37:27 My dwelling place shall be with them, and I will be their God and they shall be my people.

Thomas – Well have to jolly well go my communications com is powering down.

Me – Thank you Thomas – kids let’s go over that passage one more time.

Wrap Up – Wow the satellite coverage in the South Pole is spotty. He cut out at exactly the wrong time. Can anyone fill in the words Thomas left out? Let’s go over the verse he was trying to teach us.

(Here is the video of me as Thomas)


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  1. I love this idea. Thanks so much. We just got a green screen and some simple software. I am going to use your idea to make an announcement, but Thomas is going to really be standing in the South Pole. I will post it on my blog when we are done. Probably be a week or so since it will be our first time doing it.

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