Will you go to hell for smoking marijuana?

We like to put things in boxes. We like tidy answers. Will you go to hell for smoking weed? No. Should you smoke weed? No. Many parents are going to have to start figuring out what they believe about marijuana. Most states that have legalized it have set the legal age at 21 which is wise.

Here is why I think legalizing marijuana is a bad idea.

  1. Wider use and acceptance. The legal age is 21 but so is alcohol and go to any High School party, college campus alcohol is everywhere. Is weed in these places now? Yes. But legalization will make it far worse believe me.
  2. People typically smoke it to get high to alter conscience
  3. I believe that the “drunk with alcohol” scriptures apply to “getting high on drugs.”

There are some arguments I have heard on highergrounds.ca that make smoking marijuana legal that make some sense mostly in the area of helping those who are sick with cancer. With those arguments taken into consideration, I think the legalization of pot is a bad idea. We allow sick people access to the drugs they need and the drugs remain illegal to the rest of us, that is how I think it should remain for marijuana.

So will I go to hell for smoking marijuana? I would say no. Smoking weed does not send people to hell. People go to hell when they fail to put their hope and trust in Christ alone to save them from their sins. WHY people smoke weed very well may send them to hell. When we turn to something to numb the pain that only Christ can alleviate in our lives that thing we turn to is our functional savior. What you turn to when life gets hard identifies the idols in your life that you trust more than you should. What you turn to help you when your idols let you down reveals who your lord and savior actually are.

So weed doesn’t send you to hell trusting in someone, or something other than Christ to save you sends you to hell. Marijuana and alcohol, can both be used to alter your state of mind. No matter what you think about the drinking of alcohol the bible is very clear on its call of drunkenness a sin. I think getting high would fall into this same prohibition.

I will tell my kids that the reason we don’t smoke weed isn’t simply because we are Christians. We are Christians because we find Jesus to be far more beautiful and more precious than anything that we could have, own posses or experience. He is our joy He is our life He is everything to us.

*[clarification] I am not sure I was clear as I hoped to be. I believe marijuana is bad for kids, should be illegal. In my post, I was trying to get parents to think about their argument against weed when the argument that it is a banned substance is no longer available to us. I think many kids start smoking it because see it as harmless and Jesus never said “Thou shalt not smoke weed” He was quite clear in his word about the altering of our minds and turning to any substance to create comfort in a way that only Christ can.

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15 thoughts on “Will you go to hell for smoking marijuana?

  1. I found this truly helpful. Because I do turn to weed when I am stressed. I also pray to God. God is a jealous God and nothing should compare to him. Thank you for this article. Sometimes I smoke because it just feels good, but it does alter my mind and I feel dirty when I do it. I would be a liar if I was to say I want to stop this very minute, but I have the faith that I will someday.

    • Whenever you use “mind altering ” drugs, you are leaving a door wide open for demons to come in. I smoked pot too, and I felt the presence of evil, but my roommate saw it! A couple months later, I was about to smoke pot when the Holy Spirit said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” That was all I needed to hear…I never smoked it again. Soon after those experiences, I read a man’s testimony concerning this very thing. God showed him the demons that “come with” pot smokers. He described them exactly how my roommate saw them:they are short and black. So please stop smoking pot.

      • they are short and black? hahahahahahahahaha
        me i smoke weed but in 2015 one night i started seeing demons in tv,facebook, and even the following days i saw them on streets and i saw many other strange things…but i was prayed for and given some treatment in rehab…am still not sure whether that was the effect of weed or not…but now i am still smoking it but i am a strong christian like never before

    • I agree but he also warns of the over-desire of things that are good. Wine and strong drink are not evil or discouraged in fact you can find many encouragements to use them in scripture but never in excess. There are many scriptures condemning the excess of wine and strong drink I would say it is safe to connect those warnings to Cannabis.

      • Amen and I claim that , I’ve changed my life by the help of God the whole time from selling drugs heavily and feeling guilty and he brought me out of it ,glory to God, now it’s like I get the same feelings when it comes to smoking it now and I was confused and I question myself if
        I was just lost in my own thoughts and I been praying and asking just to verify these feelings that I’m having.But I think I’m just gonna be done with it completly.

  2. A dear friend of mine who had cancer the cancer specialist recommended he smoke marijuana for his pain so is medicine marijuana a sin for the believer?

    • I believe as a medication, it is not the same as using it for recreation. That said, if your friend is still in treatment and still looking for pain relief, tell him to pray to God for guidance. If he is a true believer, God will give him an answer that will satisfy him. Trust no man, but trust in the Lord.

    • Prove your statement to me, Ginny.
      We all (I included) love to state a “fact” here and there, in most cases not knowing where the idea came from or if the fact is a fact at all.
      Thousands of studies, past, ongoing and no doubt in the future have many different opinions on if it “causes” mental illness.
      From personal experience amongst a few hundred cannabis smokers/eaters, I have found that people who already have mental illness smoke it. For some it makes them worse and for others it has calming, healing properties.

      It has been referred to as a gateway drug. Also “the devils lettuce”. “responsible for murder”. “makes people evil”. And many other absurd statements, started by somebody, somewhere, out of fear or agenda.

  3. “The devil’s lettuce?” Have we been watching The Heartbreak Kid? Since I started smoking pot 22 years ago, (and I don’t need to site the source), but friends, parents, people on the news or “drugs inc.” and other tv specials that talk about marijuana have NEVER EVER Been guilty of murder for just smoking marijuana in itself. If they smoked marijuana, I will guarantee you that those people who murdered have other substances in their systems other than weed, and couldn’t prove to have done these crimes based on weed alone. Now it’s a different story very few people have very serious mental health issues. But then again, it wasn’t just weed, they could be suffering from schizophrenia or other serious mental illnesses. Hell, i’m diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, with really bad anxiety and paranoia, and when I smoke weed the first two times after giving it up for a while, I do get more paranoid in those two times, but i’m great from there on. And it wasn’t marijuana that made me have this disorder.