Jim Burns – Creating an intimate marriage

Jim Burns - The Gathering

Creating an Intimate Marriage – 
Jim Burns

[callout]Jim’s breakout was excellent great blend of inspiration and practical application. Below are a few of the statements that stuck out during his breakout. For more info on marriage and family check out his website http://homeword.com/[/callout]

Church was Jim’s mistress – 

1. Have a non-negotiable date night weekly. 
2. We would only be out three nights a week.
3. Gave his wife veto power over his schedule 

We have confused priorities – We have attractive distractions

1. God
2. Marriage
3. Children
4. Ministry

Intimacy isn’t just about sexuality it’s about connection you connect with time and priorities  – You have to schedule your priorities – It affects our ministry in a positive way.

Biggest priority in ministry families – we are under connected and over committed. You can’t have a strong marriage in this mode. We are running to hard. 

Is the work of God I’m doing destroying the work that God wants to do in me. 

We have to be ruthless transparent about our own brokenness.

Henry Cloud – If the tooth is infected pull it. Don’t pull the marriage pull the infection. 

As Christians to make sure we give and receive forgiveness  

Eph 5:21 – Submit to each other in love. – The goal of marriage is to outlive each other.  That’s about priorities – 

What’s right about our marriage
What’s wrong about our marriage
What’s missing about our marriage
What’s confusing about our marriage

Most marriage break up because of poor communication. 

AWE – Affection, Warmth and Encouragement 

1. Date night – Be proactive put energy into it. – Have the disciple to not talk about your work or family.
2. Do a weekly business meeting. – Do it all at once – 1hr. 
3. Spiritual Time – Be intentional – 20min a week – Read scripture and pray for kids 

There is pain in life the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. 

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