Free Bible Lesson Luke: Book of salvation


Luke – Book of  Salvation

Key Point – Jesus came for everyone
Memory Verse – Luke 1:77 “77 You will make his people know that they will be saved by having their sins forgiven.”

Bible Story – Acts 9 – Story of Paul getting saved.

Skit – Nerves Nelly is worried because she doesn’t know how to get to heaven she is always doing something good, she always prays, she always reads her Bible, but she still is not sure how to get to heaven. MC explains that in Romans 10:9,10 Tells us that we must confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart then we will be saved you don’t have to worry you will be saved you will go to heaven.

Skit – A very mean man believes that there is no way that Jesus could have died for him he is too mean someone explains that Jesus Died for all of our sins even for people who are mean. Salvation is not something eared it’s a free gift. None of us are good Romans 3 tells us all of us have fallen short. Each one of us need to be rescued

Object Lesson – Ticket to heaven.
Fold the top right corner to left side of paper, forming a triangle, then the point at the top left over to the right side of the paper. Now it looks like a house with a pitched roof. Now fold the paper in half and hold it at the crease side. Tell the story of a man who sees another man with a ticket to heaven and how he demands a portion of the ticket. At the open end of the paper, cut a piece off, bottom to top, and say how the piece was given to the man who demanded the ticket. Then tell how the man felt – if he had more of the ticket, he would receive more reward and demanded even more of the ticket. At the open end, bottom to top, cut off another piece and give to the demanding man. The story goes that the man with the pieces of the ticket went before God and presented it to Him. He took the pieces and said, “This ticket shows me you are not of My son” and his ticket pieces will spell ‘hell’. Then, the man who gave the pieces away, presented his ticket to God and when it was opened, it reveals a cross. God told him this shows you are one of my Son’s own, welcome to heaven. Then reveal that Jesus suffered and sacrificed Himself for our sins and offers us the only way to heaven. Do you have your ticket?

Puppet – How do you know when you are saved? Do you get a stamp on your hand? MC explains that it is not a stamp on your hand but on your heart. When you get saved Jesus comes into your life and changes your heart. When Christ Jesus draws us and we respond He Justifies us and forgives every sin we have done, are doing and will do. Amazing right. That’s how far God’s grace reaches.


Ask the kids if the following need to be saved? First, only say the first half… then after a dramatic pause, and perhaps some “no’s” from the audience, add the second half! (Works great drawing it on a whiteboard too!)

1. Guy swimming in the ocean…….. (no?) add shark!
2. Girl driving in car…….. (no?) add road drop off!
3. Man reading book…….. (no?) and falling out of sky!
4. Kid walking to school…….. (no?) add teacher w/ Pop Quiz!
5. Kid riding bike…….. (no?) add 10 Commandments and Book of Life
OPTION: Draw the first half on the whiteboard… then draw the second half after your pause. It changes everything!
INTRO TO SALVATION LESSON: The Bible says that everyone needs to be saved – only most people do not realize it. They think they are “fine,” just like the man reading the book. He needs to look down and realize it isn’t just a windy day. People need to see the things in this world that show that there is more to it, and that they are indeed in need of being saved.

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