Free Bible Lesson Mark: Book of the servant

The Gospel Of Mark
– Book of the Servant

Key Point – We must serve others just like Jesus.
Memory Verse – Philippians 2:7 “7 But he gave up his place with God and made himself nothing. He was born to be a man and became like a servant”

Bible Story/Children’s Sermon –  (1 Samuel 16) David watching the sheep when Samuel came to anoint the king. David was serving his father and was blessed because of it. Explain that as a Christian we must follow Jesus. We must do everything He did. (Have some kids come up and instruct them to follow you and do what they do.) Jesus ultimate example to us was a servant.
A servant is –
Cares for others
Helps others
Loves others

Object Lesson – Shepherds staff – Explain that shepherd are servants because they stand between their sheep and predators sometimes putting their very life at risk. They are servants. It says in the Bible how Jesus is the good Shepherd how he came not to be served but to serve others. Matthew 20:25-28

Skit – Waiter – show a waiter serving a table with two different attitudes. – One waiter is frustrated and  impatient the other is happy to do whatever is asked. A servant does whatever he can to help, serve others.  Show how we can serve but when we do it with the right attitude it makes all the difference.

Object Lesson – Water and towel – explain to kids about washing feet how that was the lowest job a servant can have. Jesus did this to his disciples. Some people think certain things are below them. Jesus was never too good or to great to help the lowest person. He cared for everyone the same.

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