4 Things Every Decision Needs


I love Peter Drucker he was in many ways a man before his time. I try to re-read his management classic “The Effective Executive” each year. One of the things I am struck with every time I read it is the realization that I often make decisions that really are not decisions they are emphatic hopes. Love how Drucker gives 4 things every decision needs before it can be considered a real decision. I hope this helps you as much as it helps me.

Every Decision needs:

1. The name of the person accountable for carrying it out;
2. The deadline;
3. The names of the people who will be affected by the decision and therefore have to know about, understand, and approve it – or at least not be strongly opposed to it.
4. The names of the people who have to be informed of the decision, even if they are not directly affected by it.

As I honestly think back to every sideways decision I have made, I missed one or more of these steps. Happy Wednesday and may all your decisions be good ones.

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