The harm we do by “Ducking” the truth

The most recent media storm around Duck Dynasty is the second time the media has cried foul over a public figure sharing their views about homosexuality and what bible has to say about it. A few months ago the eye of the media storm was centered ironically enough around a chicken not a duck. What is frustrating is that it seems to me that the homosexual community does not want equality but rather celebration. When I tell people I am a pastor and husband of one wife and father of four kids I rarely receive celebration. The great irony that always goes unnoticed is that tolerance is always a one way street. People want you to be tolerant of them and yet these people who are so passionate about tolerance have no tolerance for any viewpoint but their own.

When it comes to the homosexual issue we should not and can not duck the truth of what scripture says. If we do we will minimize the gospel impact on the lives of those we lead. When we over emphasize one sin over others we make that sin unforgivable and at the same time make those who are caught in other sins feel they are fine as long as they don’t do that one really bad sin.

What we as leaders in the church need to do for those we lead as well as the kids we influence is help them understand what the gospel requires from us on the homosexual issue. We can not say grace and love and we can not coldly speak the truth the gospel does both. It humbles me so I don’t have to be right. It also requires that I speak the truth in humility for His glory. Ducking the truth is not loving.

1. The bible calls us to love our neighbor. That includes homosexuals.
2. The bible call homosexuality a sin, but there are many other sins in the bible also condemns many of which we are also guilty. The same God that forgives homosexuality is the same God who forgives greed and anger. Sin affects others in differing degrees but God looks at sin as sin as a result of that we all need the grace God extends to us through Christ.
3. Homosexuality doesn’t send you to hell any more than heterosexuality saves you. You end up in hell by putting your hope and trust in something other than Christ.

Here are a couple of videos of Tim Keller talking about this issue. He does an excellent job of clearly stating what the bible says yet at the same time emphasizing the importance of the church to love gay people.

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