Free Bible Lesson Micah: Book of Loneliness


– Book of Loneliness
What to do when you feel alone.

Key Point – God is always with us!
Memory Verse – Heb. 13:5 “I will never leave you; I will never forget you.” (NCV)

Skit – To have friends you must be friendly shy kid gets mad at God but he won’t talk to anyone. – Show a kid at school with other kids coming up to the shy kid. The shy kid doesn’t even smile as many kids come up being friendly the kid ignores them and is even somewhat rude after everyone leaves the boy prays and asks God why he is all alone. MC comes out and

Skit – With out God you are always alone – have a boy with lots of friend go home and cry because he feels all alone until another kid leads him to Christ.-
Have a boy who is popular lots of friends all laughing joking around. All of a sudden the popular kid starts crying all his “friends” make up reasons why they have to leave. The kid is left alone, and a Christian kid sees him crying and explains that he needs to ask Jesus into his life. If we have Jesus in our life we are never truly alone. He tells us in the Bible that he is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Object lesson – Climb in a box even when we think we are all alone God is still just like when I climb in this box I can’t se anyone but you are still there all I see is me but that doesn’t change the fact you are right outside my box. When you feel all alone you need to remember that God is always there even if we don’t see him.

Object lesson – we are never alone with God – Nothing we can do can separate us from the love of God. Take a glass and add food coloring to it. Explain that when God comes in our life He adds color we will never truly be alone again He is always with us just like we are unable to separate the color from the water we are not able to be separated from the love of God.

Puppet –A puppet says that sometimes he still feels alone even with Jesus in his heart, what should he do? The MC explains that sometimes we may feel lonely but we are never truly alone all we have to do is ask and he will help us.

Bible Story – Daniel and lions den – Daniel 6:6 – 24   Daniel wasn’t alone God was with him in the lion’s den.

Small Group

– Book of Loneliness
What to do when you feel alone.

Key Point – God is always with us!
Memory Verse – Heb. 13:5 “I will never leave you; I will never forget you.” (NCV)

Bible Story: Daniel 6:6-24
Daniel loved the Lord greatly. He prayed every day 3 times a day. Daniel was a good leader and some people were very jealous of him. They thought they could get rid of him. The jealous men tricked the king into writing a new rule and said Daniel was not obeying the king! Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den. The king was very sad and upset because he was tricked into throwing Daniel into the lion’s den. The king ran to the lion’s den and cried out to Daniel. Daniel answered the king saying that the Lord had sent an angel to shut the lions mouths. The king had Daniel taken out and he ordered the jealous men to be thrown to the lions.

What does it mean to be alone?
What does it mean to be lonely?
Which on can you do something about?
Are we ever truly alone?
Who is with us?
Why is God with us?
Is he always with us?
What did Daniel do?
What happened to Daniel?
What did the jealous men do?
Was the King upset?
What did the king do the very next morning?
What did the king do when he came to the den?
Was Daniel alive?
What did he say?
What did the King do?

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