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One of the latest additions to the Logos library is the sermon manuscript library from John Piper. Like Keller I believe Piper through his obvious teaching gift has done a great service to the Church by cataloging their messages. Both Keller and Piper tend to preach more exegetically. When you have 30 years of messages from these two profound teachers you have many Bible passages covered.

Piper and Keller are not the first pastors to have their messages turned into a commentary, John Calvin, Matthew Henry, R C Sproul are just a few who have done this. What make Keller and Piper unique in the set of pastor theologians is they are parsing scripture from a postmodern vantage point. There are many similarities between our world now and Matthew Henry’s world. There are also vast differences.

Having Piper and Keller along side you as you prepare messages is invaluable. I know what some of you may be saying “I work with kids or I work with teens” I would say to you having Piper and Keller as a resource is invaluable. When I prepare to do a bible message for kids or teens I often turn to commentaries and to Logos to help with a better understanding of the text. Our job as communicators no matter what the age is weighty one. Because you are communicating to kids you had better get it right. To often we rely on what we think the text means or how we have heard it explained to us. It’s so important to study it out and get the context and help point kids to Jesus.

Here is where Logos is unmatched in Bible study platforms. Their search capabilities are unbelievable. The speed and power of the reach that Logos has is really amazing. I was at a conference a year or so ago and saw a demonstration of the software it was fantastic. When you combine the speed in which you can search books, commentaries documents using Logos with the amazing content of the likes of Piper and Keller you really have something.

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Not only is Logos quick and nimble it’s also highly customizable. You can change how you want to see and read the content. If you prefer White, black or yellow background how large you want the text.

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Simply put with the combination of the mobile and desktop software applications along side the massive amount of content that becomes not just searchable but easily searchable. Logos and the products they offer is well worth the investment.

Logos also does something very cool they offer free books each month to everyone who signs up for their newsletter. You can do that from their main site.

Do me a favor check out the following videos and links

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