Why preparing to speak should make you nervous


Most people say that they  are more afraid of speaking in public than they are of death. Which is understandable on one level and crazy on another. I guess when you are dead you can’t read posts on facebook of people comment on how bad you did.  I like most people was at one point in my life very afraid to speak in front of other people, but if God has called you to be a pastor and lead others it’s a fear you don’t have the luxury of retaining.

Here is the reality that even though I have preached many messages and spoken at conferences I still need to be nervous at the right time, because when and what makes you nervous tells a lot about you. I still get nervous after years of experience but what makes me most nervous presently is very different from what used to make me nervous.

When I am nervous about my delivery or nervous in anticipation of my deliver for me it is mostly an issue with me wanting to be liked or asked back again. It’s about me. That is not a good thing. Because when you are more concerned about how you are perceived than hearing from God and speaking what you felt that he has asked you to say you are opening yourself to the possibility of deception. To walk in deception the first person we deceive is always ourselves. What still makes me nervous and  should make every communicator nervous is preparation. I am always worried that I will somehow misrepresent Christ. That I would preach a message that makes me the hero and Jesus my sidekick. If people like what I have to say means nothing if I am walking in obedience to what I feel that Christ has asked of me.

Here are a few questions every communicator should ask themselves .

1. When am I nervous and why am I nervous. – When and why you get nervous will tell you a lot about who and what you put your trust in.
2. Am I more concerned about another invitation or walking in obedience to the Holy Spirit of God.
3. Do I judge my performance based on Social media quotes and feedback or do I judge my performance based on how well my message brought ALL of the glory to God.
4. In getting my message ready does the scripture play a larger role in my message than do my thoughts about things.
5. Could I preach this message in a synagogue or in a mosque

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